ComponentCategoryPlug-in nameDescriptionBinary EditionOSS Edition
Document-Release note, etc.IN
-User's manualIN
File I/OFile I/OFile R/W basic functionININ
mzXml I/OR/W mzXML filesININ
mzml I/OR/W mzML filesININ
AIA InputReading AIA (netCDF) filesININ
Text I/OR/W plain text filesININ
Png OutputWriting PNG filesININ
Shimadzu Kratos AXIMAReading Shimadzu/Kratos AXIMA data filesIN
Shimadzu Lcms InputReading Shimadzu LCMS data filesININ(need vendor's dll to build
Ab Qstar InputReading ABSciex Analyst/AnalystQS data filesIN
Watewrs InputReading Waters MassLynx data filesIN
Thermo I/OReading ThermoFisher Xcalibur data filesINPlanned(See Milestone)
Agilent InputReading Agilent MassHunter data filesIN
DatabaseDB ManagerInternal database managerININ
SQLiteDatabase manager for SQLiteININ
PostgreSQLDatabase manager for PostgreSQLININ
NetworkHttp ProxyConfigurating HTTP ProxyININ
ViewerMDI Child FrameMDI window managerININ
Spectrum & Chromatogram Window ModeCordinator for Spectrum window and Chromatogram windowININ
Profile CanvasDisplaying single windowININ
Overlapping CanvasDisplaying overlapping windowsININ
Vertical Box CanvasDisplaying windows in stacked formatININ
Profile DrawerDrawing waveformININ
Scale DrawerDrawing axes and scalesININ
Profile RangeSetting spectrum/chromatogram rangesININ
Datamap CanvasConfiguring heat map areaININ
Datamap DrawerDrawing heat mapsININ
Sample 3D ViewDrawing 3-D graphsININ
Data Map RangeDisplay range manager for data mapsININ
First ViewDisplay manager for opened dataININ
Spectrum/ChromatogramSelect RangeSending spectrum/chromatogram information and specified ranges to plug-insININ
Magnifying ViewMagnifying specified area in the spectrumININ
Spectrum ChangerChanging displeyed spectrumININ
Spectrum Precursor Product ChangerDisplaying precursor/product ion spectrumININ
Chromatogram OperationGenerating Mass Chromatograms/Base Peak ChromatogramsININ
Spectra SearchSearching spectraININ
Raw WaveformDisplaying raw waveform dataININ
Peak WaveformDisplaying peaks on waveformsININ
Data MapData Map FilterFiltering data for data mapININ
PaneSample Tree ViewSample Tree pane managerININ
Details ViewProperties pane managerININ
XYData ViewPoints/Peaks pane managerININ
Spectra Grid ViewFiltered Spectra pane managerININ
Log ViewDiagnostic Log pane managerININ
PeaksPeak PickingDetecting peaksININ
GOZANPeak detection by MWD algorithmIN
Centroid Mode LabelingPeak detection by Centroid modeININ
Local Maximum LabegingPeak detection by Local maximum modeININ
GION Peak detection by GION algorithmIN
Multi Algorithm LabelingPeak detection by multiple algorithmININ
API Peak DetectionApplication Programing Interface for peak detectionININ
Spec Peak Filter Number Of PeaksSelecting the specified number of highest peaksININ
MRM 3D2-dimensional peak detection for MRM dataININ
Default ChargeConfigurating charge setting functionININ
Simple Charge DetectDetecting ion charges with isotopic peaksININ
Intensity Rate Charge DetectorDetecting ion charges with MS/MS spectrum distibutionININ
Peak SearchSearching peaksININ
Peaks I/OR/W peak dataININ
Peak EditEditing peak propertiesININ
MspeaksPeak detection with Matlab mspeaks function (32bit only) ININ
MslowessS/N filtering function with Matlab mslowness functionININ
Peak Label DrawerDrawing peak labelsININ
QuantitationMatrix ViewDisplaying a peak matrixININ
AB3DPeak detection algorithm AB3D for quantificationININ
AB3D (2)Program files for AB3D algorithmININ
Labeling And MergeFinding peak position by peak detectionININ
Merged Spectrum PeaksFinding peak position with spectrum peaksININ
MRM Peak FinderFinding peak position for MRM dataININ
Peak Positions File ImportImporting peak position listININ
Simple Peak Position AppenderManually specifying peak positionsININ
Neighbor PeaksPeak value calculation with neighbor peaksININ
Commons MathStatistic analysis with Commons Math libraryININ
U TestMann-Whitney's u-testININ
Matrix Group PlotPlotting group distribution of intensities/areasININ
Matrix Overlapping ViewDisplaying overlapping waveformsININ
Basic ScalingSimple normalization of peak intensitiesININ
Matrix Peaks MergeMerging neighbor peaks on peak matrixININ
IdentificationIdentificationIdentification function managerININ
Mascot SearchSearching sequence database by MascotININ
X TandemSearching sequence database by X!TandemININ
Mass BankSupport function for MassBankININ
MSn SearchSearch engine with MSn spectraIN
Mascot PMF For LCMSMascot PMF search for LC-MSININ
TPPTPP tool wrapperININ
Basic Data ManipulationBaseline SubtractionSubtracting baseline values from spectrum waveformsININ
ABC Baseline DetectionBaseline detection algorithm ABCININ
BLT Baseline DetectionBaseline detection algorithm BLTIN
Linear Baseline DetectionBaseline detection algorithm LinearININ
Background SubtractionSubtracting backgroud signals from spectrum waveformsININ
FilterFiltering waveformsININ
Linear FilterFiltering waveforms with Linear-modeININ
Window FilterFiltering waveforms with window searchININ
Wavelet AnalysisWavelet analysisIN
Mz Range FilterFiltering waveforms with m/z rangesININ
Msbackadj Baseline DetectionDetecting baseline with Matlab msbackadj functionININ
Operation ManagerHistory recorder of waveform manipulationININ
Advanced Data ManipulationNormalizationData normalization functionININ
Alignment Retention time alignment functionININ
Merged SpectrumMerging spectra functionININ
CompositionMerging, Subtracting or Dividing objective dataININ
Sample MergeMerging sample dataININ
Msms Spectra MergeMerging MS/MS spectra functionININ
ResamplingResampling spectrum data pointsININ
Advanced Structural AnalysisGlycan AnalysisN-glycan structure assignment with diagnostic ionsININ
SIMSEde novo sequencing toolIN
Compound Database for SIMSEBasic compound database for SIMSEININ
etcClipboardClipboard functionININ
SettingsEnvironment settingsININ
HelpShowing helpsININ
Operation LogOperation history functionININ
PluginManagerPlug-in managerININ
Edit Sample User PropertiesEditing user propertiesININ
Batch ServiceBatch operation managerININ
Command Line Batch ServiceRunning specified batch jobs as commands in the backgroundININ
Script PluginScript Console operation managerININ
Iron PythonIron Python script interpreterININ
Simca DisplaySIMCA P+ wrapperININ
Sample Tree BuilderBuilding sample treeININ
Core librariesCoreFunctionsFundamental function for CININ
CoreToolkitsFundamental classes for C++ININ
DataObjectsBasic data objectININ
DataOperationBasic data operationININ
DbToolsInternal database managerININ
EventManagerEvent managementININ
GLTools3-D graphic managementININ
IdentificationToolsIdentification/quantification managerININ
ImageManagerDrawing/imaging managerININ
JavaToolsJava-code management libraryININ
NetworkToolsNetwork access functionININ
NumericalToolsNumerical calculation functionININ
PluginToolsPlug-in operation managerININ
WindowManagerGraphic User Interface libraryININ
XMLToolsXML file managerININ
CLRManager.NET Framework wrapper (Basic function)ININ
CLRPluginTools.NET Framework wrapper (plug-in manager)ININ
Sample Datadata-Sample dataININ(partially)
Independent PackageIdentificationPTM LibrarianPTM Librarian wrapperother package
development tool kit-Library files for C/C++IN
-Include files for C/C++IN
-Setting files of VS wizard for C/C++IN
-Install files of VS wizard for C/C++IN
-VS wizard files for C#IN
-Sample project filesIN