How to install DTXMania into my Windows computer

What's DTXMania?

Colorful.jpg DTXMania is drums training software that can easily enjoy playing for electronic drums.

You can use DTX file (file extension is .dtx) as the song data of DTXMania. (You can also use BMS/BME, GDA/G2D data, but you may not know these files...)
And also, old DTXMania can use MID(Standard MIDI Format) file, but now it can't. (in future I'd like to support MID file again)

Originally DTXMania is developed by Mr.FROM for YAMAHA Silent Session Drums DTX series, but general E-Drums would be able to use in DTXMania ... Roland TD series, MIDI-pads, PC-Keyboards, Joypads (DirectInput supported / XInput is not supported).

Moreover, you can use PlayStation GITADORA controller (Drums, Guitar) if you use PlayStaition-USB converters.

How to download/install DTXMania to my PC?

Go "Download Lists", then download the latest one.

Then extract zip file. That's all, you've finished installing DTXMania! However you may be required to install additional files. Please see "How to setup DTXMania" for detail.

How to get song data?

  1. You can find several original DTX data packages at DTX Data Archive. And also you can find other packages in Monthly DTX Pack, DTX Packages links in DTXMania Online Stats site.
  2. Google "Songname dtx" etc :-)

How to install song data into DTXMania?

  1. First of all, extract zip file of DTXMania itself. Please confirm that there is the file DTXManiaGR.exe.
  2. Make folder at the same (or deeper) layer which DTXManiaGR.exe exists. You can use any folder name. (ex. C:\aaa\bbb\DTXMania (where DTXManiaGR.exe exists)\ccc/ddd\ ... is OK)
  3. Put extracted dtx song data into the folder you've made at step 2.

(Note: You can also put dtx data at c:\eee\fff\ggg\ (where the path is not related to DTXManiaGR.exe). If you want to do so, open Config.xml file by notepad, and search "strSongPath", then edit that part like below;)

    <val>.\; c:\eee\fff\ggg\; d:\hhh\iii\</val>