GITALLER Information

How to use in DTXMania

  1. Connect GITALLER to your PC. At now, GITALLER is initialized as WAILING BUTTON mode. (DTXMania can handle WAILING BUTTON mode only)
  2. Register each buttons to DTXMania. The assignments must become like below;
    • BUTTON1 = R
    • BUTTON2 = G
    • BUTTON3 = B
    • BUTTON4 = Y
    • BUTTON5 = P
    • BUTTON6 = Pick (Up)
    • BUTTON7 = Pick (Down)
    • BUTTON8 = Not used
    • BUTTON10 = START
    • BUTTON11 = Wailing Up
    • BUTTON12 = Wailing Down
  3. At 2., you need to do Wailing Up and Wailing Down at register screen. See below to raise Wailing Up and Wailing Down.

How to switch "WAILING BUTTON mode" and "WAILING XYZ mode"?

  1. Push R+G+B+Y+P+SELECT+START button simultaneously. Keep it 2 seconds.
  2. After 1, "Release SELECT button first" to go WAILING XYZ mode. "Release START BUTTON first" to go WAI>LING BUTTON mode.

GITALLER site says "push buttons 2 seconds to switch the mode". but it is not correct. "Releasing button" is the key point.

For developer

You want to support "WAILING XYZ mode"? These info may help you;

  • GITALLER is detected as DirectInput joypad. Device name is "Guitar Game Controller". It has 16 buttons, 6 axis, 1 HAT (in !DIrectInput point of view), but only 11 buttons / 3 axis will be used.
  • Gyro data (*) is output only if GITALLER is WAILING XYZ mode. See below picture to understand the mapping of X/Y/Z axis easily.
  • X-axis and Y-axis are mapped to the position of head of the neck. Z-axis is mapped
(*) GITALLER site says it uses gyroscope, however it must be accelerometer...