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2017-12-06 13:15 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release Build 4.13.0-19 Dec 6/2017* Wavebox Replaced by Rambox - Better offering for free use.
* Now offering Bionic Beaver - All vagrant boxes have been updated and a new machine with Ubuntu 18.04 (Development) has been add (続きを読む...)


2017-11-11 19:19 (by sharklinux)

Major Update Release – Build 4.13.0-17This release comes with several system changes from previous builds which aim to increase system efficiency and allow greater control for user configuration. The more significant upgrades include chan (続きを読む...)


2017-10-18 09:15 (by sharklinux)

New build running HWE-4.10.0-38. New in this release is a GUI management console for QLC, Shark's container system utilizing upstream LXD and LXDock. This allows greater ease of use and eliminates the need to remember all the commandline (続きを読む...)


2017-10-12 09:00 (by sharklinux)

ISO release to reflect update to kernel. New feature additions have been held back in accordance with the feature freeze in effect until the current development focus project is completed and passed testing. The sole exception is a new co (続きを読む...)


2017-10-04 00:30 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release Build 4.10.0-36
*Strictly a bugfix release. New features are still in testing and have been held back
With the *-36 kernel update becoming available the day after the 4.10.0-35 iso build was released, the original pla (続きを読む...)


2017-09-03 18:42 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release: Build 4.10.0-34
The *-34 kernel has been released prompting an updated SharkLinux build. The current image is light on changes and offers only some backend cleanup and, of course, updates to any software that have bee (続きを読む...)


2017-08-17 11:52 (by sharklinux)

New build featuring Linux Kernel 4.10.0-33
New additions:
Edge Upgrades- Testing repo is open to those who are brave and want to explore upstream versions not yet tested for bugs or issues with SharkLinux setups. The installer will appl (続きを読む...)


2017-07-22 18:21 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release
7 day release, same Kernel
Changes; LXD has been reverted back to 2.15 as there exists an issue affecting the LXD sandbox tool. The most recent (2.15) is available via optional upgrade and does not cause (続きを読む...)


2017-07-14 20:37 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux most recent build is a maintence release follow-up on the release from July 6th. It is rare to offer a fresh build that ships with the same kernel version as the last, unless significant changes were made or a severe (続きを読む...)