SharkLinux Release Build 4.13.0-33 Feb 9/18
2018-02-10 07:49 (by sharklinux)

Feb 9/18 SharkLinux Release Build 4.13.0-33

Latest build reflects several updates to software since the previous release as well ships with improvements to system maintenance functions and build scripts.

* Several key packages have seen updates since the last build including; Libreoffice 6.0 QEMU Libvirt Rambox

* Although occurrences were rare, improvements were also made to the automatic system maintenance to ensure only temporary/cache files no longer in use are cleared.

* Built from source tools and software that depend on Go will now install the most current version and no longer install the default version in the Ubuntu repositories. Like all builds any dependencies are automatically installed so any new builds will install the new Go package.

Updates to packages included on the install media are listed at