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Making Bug Reports on Projects

Bug reports are very important to developers. To many of the developers, feedbacks they get regarding their project are vital. At OSDN, you can make bug reports to any of the projects. To report a bug, you will have to log in. (Depending on the project, there are cases where you can report bugs without logging in.)

Bug Submission Process

From the project menu, click on "ticket" to open. There you'll find an item called "Summit New Ticket". Now, click on it.

Once you get to "Submit New Ticket" page, fill in the two boxes, “Summary of this Ticket” (this is where you enter the title of the ticket) and "Type of this ticket". For "Type of this ticket”, choose from the pull down menu that fits best what the ticket is about.

In some cases, on the ticket submission page, you may encounter a caption saying "enter such and such information". In that case, please follow the direction and provide information accordingly.

You can also set up items such as priority order, but if you have no idea, then leave as it is. The person in charge of the tickets will adequately make those changes for you.

And finally, when you click on the create button, your have completed the ticket submission process.