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Meta-FAQ for OSDN

What is OSDN?

OSDN provides hosting services free of charge with various features such as Git/Subversion/Mercurial/Bazaar repositories, Wiki system, mailing list, bug tracking, message forum, task management software, website hosting, eternal file storage, full back up, and general web base management. OSDN started its services in April 2002.

What is Open Source Software?

Simply put, open source software refers to software which the source code is available to the general public and allows making free use and distribution of it. You may also want to read the Official Definition of Open Source Software. Acknowledged Open Source Licenses may also be a good reference as well.

Who develops and manages OSDN?

OSDN is developed and managed by Appirits inc.. Besides OSDN, Appirits inc.. also administers a website called SRAD. Our company name is the same as the name of this website, but please don't be bothered by it.

What are the motives for investing in these things? found OSDN not only to serve for the open source developers. Our company has its root in open source, and we wish for open source community to stretch its boundaries. If OSDN serves to the expansion of the open source world, that will certainly help us grow as well.

There seem to be extremely a lot of free contents, but are there any traps?

There are no traps. Most of the contents are open source, and our role here is to provide a convenient place for those developments.

Do you allow ad posts on OSDN?

You can freely post ads on project web.

Who is in charge of the hosting on OSDN?

Our management heed the standards of Open Source Initiative. If your software happens to abide by OSI acknowledged licenses, then you are certainly welcome to be hosted on OSDN. If your software happens to be bound by other licenses, it will be evaluated carefully, but that doesn't mean you will be rejected definitely. What matters is that we continue to cast watchful eyes for the welfare of open source software developments, and wether approval will be given or not depends on each project accordingly.

Would you host my website even if I don't own any software?

If your website proves to be beneficial to the open source community, you are welcome to be hosted on OSDN. However, bear in mind that we don't intend to host homepage of personal contents, for example, picture archive of Southpark (no matter how fond we all may be of Southpark). There are many services out there who will do that for you free of charge. Our goal here is to help open source thrive, and if your website fits our goal, we will gladly host.

Are there any limitations as to the types of software that are be hosted on OSDN?

If the software itself happens to violate the Japanese Law, we may decline your request for hosting. Also, if we can predict a situation where we will be forced to terminate our services or situation that will work unfavorably against our continuing the services, then we may decline your request. Regarding this matter, we pay minute attention so as to not cause as much trouble as possible for many of the projects that we already host here. But basically, no matter what kind of software it may be, as long as it is open source, we believe all contents are valuable. Your software will not be judged based on properties or types.

Would you host commercial software on OSDN?

It's possible. If your software which was developed for commercial reason is open source, we can host. Also, even if your software which was developed for commercial purpose may not be open source yet but is planned to be open source in the future, we may be able to host your software. Even if your software which was developed for commercial purpose is not open source but has the possibility of being beneficial to the advancement of open source software, your software is likely to be hosted.

Who is the owner of the source code on OSDN?

The copyright holder of the software is the person who created it. Due to the characteristics of open source licenses, we are allowed to give the access right of those software to the third person. That said, about disputes and problems regarding licenses, the creator him/herself will be held responsible. Because open source software is free, many people are mistaken to think there is no license holder. But actually, that is not correct. For all the software that are hosted on OSDN, the creator of the software is the one who is responsible for licensing.

I have my project hosted on OSDN, but would I be able to put a stop to it?

Of course, but let's find a solution before you get yourself in such situation. That said, it is based on your free will to stop the hosting anytime as you wish. In the first place, we are not the copyright holder. But since your software happened to have been open source and even now so, we probably will continue to own the right to release the already existing version of your software even after you terminate the hosting. Even if we don't release it, someone else will do it one way or the other. We are happy here. Let's make it open source with us and be happy together.

Why should I have my software hosted on OSDN?

We are not trying to impose anything on anyone here. All we wish for you is to make a good use of OSDN which provides superb hosting services. The bigger we become, more and more people there will be to visit your project. You can gain so much by providing a place of contact on your development environment for the end users. There will be more people to evaluate your source, and there may be future developers paying a visit to your project.

Is OSDN a safe option?

We believe we provide safe environment. We have been minutely careful about how OSDN services should be used. There are no systems completely bulletproof against cracking, but we keep a constant monitoring over the software we use to look for any bugs and security holes, and we periodically run inspection on the software. We provide SSH accounts instead of telnet, SCP instead of ftp, and SSH instead of pserver. Website logging is based on SSL, and the password will not be stored or transmitted as plain text. The website password can be changed by confirming your email address, so you are advised to keep your email account safe and secure. Although OSDN is doing the best it can with the security measures, but there could be some kind of security holes. If we ever detect any security hole, we will respond to it as quickly as possible. Also, if you happen to come across any bug that potentially undermines the security, please contact instead of OSDN tracker.

Do I have to use all the OSDN services? Can I just use the mailing list or bug tracking feature?

You can use whatever services you can benefit from. If you don't have to use all the services, you don't have to. The services are provided in a fashion that they can be used whenever necessary.

What is the outlook of OSDN?

Our outlook is good. We are dedicated to OSDN, and we are full of ideas that have already excited and impelled us for the past few months. It is all up to you now. Let us help you. We all have the helping hands that can push open source take the next step forward.