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名前 Rev. 日時 作者
2.00 9f908c1 2018-04-08 13:59:54 s_kawamoto

Final Fix For This Program.

1.99a-update 72ee5ee 2018-03-29 20:42:58 s_kawamoto

Update OpenSSL to 1.1.0h. Update PEM file. Update copyrights.

test 9fe1294 2018-01-01 17:36:08 s_kawamoto

Modify documents. Change to enable Zone Identifier by default.

1.99a 30ace91 2016-05-14 00:20:20 s_kawamoto

Modify installer.

1.99 02f668f 2016-03-26 13:58:16 s_kawamoto

Modify documents. Recompile executable files.

1.98g eb1207d 2013-02-23 17:44:07 s_kawamoto

Recompile executable files.

1.98f 527f167 2012-07-02 21:31:37 s_kawamoto

Recompile executable files.

1.98e 66d24c0 2012-02-23 17:05:26 s_kawamoto

Recompile executable files.

msg-utf8 5479c09 2012-01-21 07:58:27 Moriguchi, Hirokazu

MessageUtil_GetUTF8StaticBinaryBlock function: Protect string memory area by using VirtualProtect API

kana-improved a7e5034 2012-01-15 07:45:50 Moriguchi, Hirokazu

Normalize kana words: "user", "server", "viewer"

1.98d 6fe24d2 2011-11-22 20:35:44 s_kawamoto

Add SSL root CA certificates. Fix bugs of loading multi strings. Modify installer settings. Fix byte order of results from "sha.c". Modify documents.

1.98c 25262d6 2011-11-05 16:47:43 s_kawamoto

Add support for UTF-8 without BOM under ASCII mode transfer. Change size and layout of the window.

1.98b 610255a 2011-10-18 19:47:39 s_kawamoto

Modify documents for 1.98b.

1.98a 391e307 2011-10-13 21:15:23 s_kawamoto

Fix bugs of timeout of FTPS negotiation.

1.98 90f1af4 2011-10-12 18:34:37 hiromichi-m

Delete "FFFTP_Eng_Release" and "Release" directory

hiromichi-m f875ec4 2011-09-16 19:53:00 hylom

replace 'SUCCESS' and 'FAIL' macro to 'FFFTP_SUCCESS' and 'FFFTP_FAIL' to suppress warning

master 2bf85c0 2011-09-01 13:44:19 hylom

initial commit from 1.97b zip archive