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execsql (v. 1.115.3 2023-04-18)2023-04-19 12:07
execsql script templates (2022-01-09)2022-01-10 00:57


Allow ALL SECTIONS for SUB_INI2023-01-06 03:55
Enable an alternate syntax: SUB_INI <filename> ALL SECTIONS rdnielsen
Add settings for ODBC driver names2022-02-25 12:39
Add settings in the connect section of execsql.conf to allow specification of a list of comma-separated ODBC driver n...rdnielsen
Allow PROMPT DISPLAY to display multiple tables in tabs2020-12-05 05:32
Allow a comma-delimited list of tables or views to display, and if there is a list, show them all in a tab controlrdnielsen
Add a Phoenix database connection2020-03-09 22:00
See https://pypi.org/project/phoenixdb/(未割り当て)
Modify type evaluator to try to identify binary data2020-02-27 03:27
Use the criteria used by the Unix 'file' command, as implemented in Python (see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8...rdnielsen