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A D package containing my single-file modules

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8f1f7e3 2023-03-26 09:51:51 nemophila trunk directories-0.2.0 directories: Fixes for Windows
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directories-0.2.0 8f1f7e3 2023-03-26 09:58:06 nemophila


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trunk 8f1f7e3 2023-03-26 09:51:51 nemophila directories: Fixes for Wind...


... a collection of personal modules for the D Programming Language.

This file was last updated 11. March 2023

There files here are just the ones that I'm commonly copying from one of my
projects to another.  The purpose is more to provide a central location that
I can keep the files updated while making it easier for myself to update them
in my various projects.


The configparser module will simply parse a INI-like file and provide a 
simple API to access the various settings within the parsed file.  The
API isn't complete yet.


The replacement of CONFIGPARSER that has been used in the medialist-cli project.
While very similar in concept to an INI file, CNI has a defined specification,


Contains a simple API for retrieving the "common directories" for your operating
system.  For example, on Linux (and most other POSIX systems) DIRECTORIES will
use the XDG Base Directory Specification.

* This module only compiles under 'Posix' as defined by the D compiler.


While this could be an extension on to DIRECTORIES, I chose to keep it separate
since the specifications they follow are different enough.  In short, this
module will utilise your operating systems "Recycle Bin" concept rather than
simple purging the file from existance.

* This module only compiles under 'Posix' as defined by the D compiler.