for nano beginners.

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2023-02-04 23:11
  1. Nano command overview
  2. The following list contains most of the commands you'll need to work with Nano:
  3. Ctrl-f Move forward one character.
  4. Ctrl-b Move backward one character.
  5. Ctrl-p Move to the previous line.
  6. Ctrl-n Move to the next line.
  7. Ctrl-a Move to the beginning of the line.
  8. Ctrl-e Move to the end of the line.
  9. Ctrl-v Move forward one page.
  10. Ctrl-y Move backward one page.
  11. Ctrl-d Delete the character at the cursor position.
  12. Ctrl-i Insert a tab at the cursor position.
  13. Ctrl-^ Mark or unmark the beginning of a block of text.
  14. Ctrl-k If a block of text has been selected with a mark, cuts the entire block. Otherwise, cuts the current line.
  15. Ctrl-u Paste at the cursor position the last text cut.
  16. Ctrl-l Redraw the screen.
  17. Ctrl-w Search for text.
  18. Ctrl-j Justify the current paragraph.
  19. Ctrl-t Start the spell checker.
  20. Ctrl-c Report the cursor position.
  21. Ctrl-r Read a file into the document at the cursor position.
  22. Ctrl-o Save the file (without exiting Nano).
  23. Ctrl-x Exit Nano, giving you the option to save the file.
  24. Ctrl-g Get help.
  25. Alt-U or EscU undo
  26. Alt-E or EscE redo
  27. Alt +6 copy
  29. Ctrl-w: Ctrl-t: ---search and go to the lines
  30. Alt-Shift-3: show line number
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