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The ChaSen legacy source.

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master 1dc8f68 2012-06-25 15:43:42 NOKUBI Takatsugu Version 2.4.5
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		     Morphological Analysis System
			 ChaSen version 2.4.1

0. Files and directories

   README                how to install and use ChaSen
   INSTALL               general guidance how to install
   NEWS                  version history
   ChangeLog             change log
   COPYING               copying of ChaSen
   lib/                  ChaSen libraries and its sources
   chasen/               ChaSen command and its sources
   mkchadic/             programs for building dictionaries and its sources
   perl/                 Perl modules to use ChaSen
   doc/                  manuals

1. Installation


2. How to use ChaSen system

   Suppose a Japanese text file `nihongo', which should be encoded in
   Japanese EUC (Extended UNIX Code), JIS (ISO-2022-JP), Shift_JIS
   (MS Kanji) or UTF-8.  Issue the following command:

   % chasen nihongo # Use the system default encode

   % chasen -i e nihongo-euc # Use EUC-JP or JIS

   % chasen -i s nihongo-euc # Use Shift_JIS

   % chasen -i w nihongo-euc # Use UTF-8

   The result of the morphological analysis is shown on the standard
   output.  If your terminal has a direct input facility of Japanese
   characters, simply type 

   % chasen

   then input a Japanese sentence followed by a carrige return.

See doc/manual-j.pdf for details (in Japanese).
For further information, send an email to chasen@is.naist.jp
ChaSen homepage: http://chasen.naist.jp/