Basic Sorting

If you plan to use unsupported devices with anago, please refer to the device's datasheet if available. The important points with the datasheet is the following:


Databus is 8 bit

(pointed 'A' in figure)

This point may be written in the title of the datasheet. Look "x8" of "xxxK x8 CMOS flash memo". It is written DQ0 to DQ7 in the PIN CONFIGURATION section.

5V programming support

(pointed 'B' in figure) This point may be written in the top of the datasheet. It is not possible to program which old flash memories required 12V.

Command Address Range of Address Format

am29f040b_01.pngw49f002_02.png (pointed 'C' in figure)

The important point is "address format: A14-A0" in the margin. Avaible devices are "A14-A0" or "A10-A0".

Packaging Information

The DIP style is the easiest to replace. SOP and QFP style are also replaceable.

Add Configurations to flashcore.nut

Please refer to an existing item. Please add the set item correctly often reading the data sheet.


  • type: integer
  • unit: byte

Define capacity of target device. Don't define capacity of management capacity of the cartridge.


  • type: integer
  • unit: byte

When target device supports Byte Program, pagesize is 1. When target device supports Page Program, pagesize is whatever written value is stated in the datasheet. The firmware suppports 1 to 0x100.


  • type: integer
  • unit: mS

Erase Cycle Time is usually written in the Program/Write Cycle Characteristics of the DC CHARACTERISTICS section.


  • type: boolean
  • unit: nothing

When Byte/Page Programming is specified, this value is true. Please note that

a data 0 cannot be programmed back to a '1'; only erase operations can convert '0's to '1's.


id_manufacurer, id_device

  • type: integer
  • unit: nothing

Target values are written in 'profuct identification'.