SharkLinux Release - Build 4.13.0-17 - Nov 11 2017 (Major Release)
2017-11-11 19:19 (by sharklinux)

Major Update Release – Build 4.13.0-17

This release comes with several system changes from previous builds which aim to increase system efficiency and allow greater control for user configuration. The more significant upgrades include changes to package management and the new ‘pkg’ command which significantly reduce install times and provide fallbacks in the event of mirror outages, configurations at startup are no longer network dependent and finish in 50% of the execution time from previous builds and tools added to allow easy toggling of both the automatic system maintenance and default sudo behaviour. As well SharkLinux has adopted the “edge” variant of Ubuntu’s HWE kernel and now features the 4.13 series kernel. These changes and several more are detailed below


The new package management command ‘pkg’ acts as a wrapper to the APT system in combination with aria2c download manager. This system is inspired by, and based on, the popular apt-fast program. Apt-fast was initially to be implemented but it was quickly discovered the effectiveness of the tool was dependent on the traditional structure of a Debian repository. A variant was created that can work with both Ubuntu/Debian and SharkLinux repo structures. In testing this was found to significantly reduce the download times, in some cases by up to 80%. The command structure falls into line with apt and can be used by simply substituting one for the other i.e. “pkg install firefox”

Setup Config

Implemented new configuration system to allow first boot setup to be dynamic based on type of install (Cloud or ISO) and network availability. This allows for a successful setup regardless of environment specific variables while drastically reducing execution time.

New and improved tools

  • SWAP tool now displays size of file (if any) already acting as dedicated SWAP and comes with additional bug fixes.
  • Tool added allowing the ability to enable/disable automatic maintenance
  • Sudo password policy can be switched from default to traditional behaviour.
  • Bug reports and support requests can now be made directly from the system menu

Software changes

  • For sake of functionality the included browsers have played swaps with versions and now instead of Firefox and Chrome Beta the new builds will include Chrome and Firefox Nightly.
  • Transmission will no longer be included and has been replaced by using uGet front-end while taking advantage of the existing aria2c used by the package manager. This change only provides mild improvements and was more about reducing redundancy in multiple programs for the same function.
  • Nautilus no longer included in favour of Caja. Dropbox plug-in is replaced by the standalone version and works with Caja (not to be confused with Caja-dropbox)
  • Mousepad no longer included. Pluma remains default text editor.
Full software changes available at