SharkLinux Release Build 4.10.0-36
2017-10-04 00:30 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release Build 4.10.0-36

*Strictly a bugfix release. New features are still in testing and have been held back

With the *-36 kernel update becoming available the day after the 4.10.0-35 iso build was released, the original plan was to skip the *-36 and aim to have updates ready for the *-37. In the meantime, however, there was an incident with one of the software repository hosts that affected the ability to update/upgrade/install. To avoid this occurring in the future a fallback system was put into place that would allow the URL serving the repo to have dns redirected to an alternate source. In order for this to work a slight change had to be made to the apt url. While existing installations were switched to the new mirror by way of update, the change has created issues with fresh installs.


-Fixed broken launcher in 'Welcome Screen'

-Repo sources now reflect changes made to url

-Minor tweaks to first boot setup

-First boot setup no longer runs for additional users

Full list of software updates and versions available at