2017-09-03 18:42 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release: Build 4.10.0-34

The *-34 kernel has been released prompting an updated SharkLinux build. The current image is light on changes and offers only some backend cleanup and, of course, updates to any software that have been released since the previous build on Aug 17th.

Changes: -Additional debugging phase added to error response in the initial setup to improve the ability to recover and return process to usual functions. This should address most of the potential for the script to hang on an error.

-Plymouth theme updated with a new concept logo

-FreefileSync no longer included in expansion install. Will remain available for install from SharkLinux software repo.

-Gigolo added to expansion. Recommended as a solution for mounting filesystems of guest environments to enable direct access.

-Correction in menu label for Kimchi install

Notable updates; -libreoffice 1:5.4.0 < 1:5.4.1 -vagrant 1:1.9.7 < 1:1.9.8 -thunderbird 1:52.2 < 1:56.0 -wavebox 3.2.0-1 < 3.3.0-1 -LXD 1.16 < 1.17 -Wine 2.14 < 2.15

Complete list of software changes available at SharkLinuxOS.org