SharkLinux Release 4.10.0-33 Aug/16/2017
2017-08-17 11:52 (by sharklinux)

New build featuring Linux Kernel 4.10.0-33

New additions:

Edge Upgrades- Testing repo is open to those who are brave and want to explore upstream versions not yet tested for bugs or issues with SharkLinux setups. The installer will apply any applicable upgrades based on what is installed at the time of scan. A list of available upgrades is presented before confirmation. Users are encouraged to report any issues or oddities experienced after the upgrade is performed. Recommended only for advanced users or those not afraid of a re-install.

Installation launchers prompt. - To prevent accidental installs (for example clicking the wrong launcher in the menu) The install/build launchers now spawn a confirmation prompt before the install occurs.

Portainer- Docker management interface has been added to virtual environments. This provides an excellent control panel for convenience or for those not familiar with docker cli. Install takes less than 10 seconds and is isolated in a docker container of its own.

Default theming reworked- New and improved desktop! Existing installations will need to manually run command "themeset default" in a terminal for changes to take effect due to;

Theme Config Backup- To prevent users customizations being reverted back to defaults when performing upgrades a config file is now kept updated with user settings. The system checks for this file and does not apply defaults or changes if it exists. This function can be controlled with the "themeset" command and one of 3 args; backup, restore and default. Backup will do as it sounds (settings are backed up hourly as well), Restore will revert to last saved config and default will delete the saved settings and apply the system defaults. In some cases a reboot is required after the command is run.

Autosystem- The autosystem command has been introduced to toggle the automatic system updates. 3 args can be specified; on, off and status. (i.e. autosystem on)

Other notable changes; vineyard now part of the wine bundle for easy configuration and now builds wine version 2.14. Webcatalog added to expansion and LXD version now 2.16 by default.

Cut from the lineup; stacer and gitkraken have both been removed from the expansion but will remain available in the repo for easy installation. Build scripts for LXD Sandbox and AWS Localstack no longer will be included in future builds due to depreciated features/frequent breakage.

Bug fixes;

Unwanted system changes in the forms of auto-upgrades/ default settings were address with new toggles listed above.

Updates to the Ubuntu Cloud image program to address image location changes as well as password prompt for the image default account rather than the user set login.

Full list of software changes available at