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リビジョンd8a5c91843b41ddd9732fafabd452f2e55eeb0c8 (tree)
日時2012-04-21 00:08:28
作者Leena Miettinen <riitta-leena.miettinen@noki...>
コミッターLeena Miettinen


Doc: update screenshots

Change-Id: I1bec92a7020add337b63c4f5f23fd6c28965b100
Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen <riitta-leena.miettinen@nokia.com>



Binary files a/doc/images/qml-observer-buttons.png and /dev/null differ
Binary files a/doc/images/qml-profiler-javascript.png and b/doc/images/qml-profiler-javascript.png differ
Binary files a/doc/images/qtcreator-analyze-menu.png and b/doc/images/qtcreator-analyze-menu.png differ
Binary files a/doc/images/qtcreator-analyze-start-button.png and b/doc/images/qtcreator-analyze-start-button.png differ
Binary files a/doc/images/qtcreator-analyzer-bindings.png and b/doc/images/qtcreator-analyzer-bindings.png differ
Binary files a/doc/images/qtcreator-analyzer-button.png and b/doc/images/qtcreator-analyzer-button.png differ
Binary files a/doc/images/qtcreator-analyzer-stop-button.png and /dev/null differ
Binary files a/doc/images/qtcreator-qml-performance-monitor-toolbar.png and /dev/null differ
Binary files a/doc/images/qtcreator-qml-performance-monitor.png and b/doc/images/qtcreator-qml-performance-monitor.png differ
--- a/doc/src/analyze/qtquick-profiler.qdoc
+++ b/doc/src/analyze/qtquick-profiler.qdoc
@@ -50,21 +50,24 @@
5050 \o Select \gui {Analyze > QML Profiler} to profile the current
5151 application.
53- \o Select the \gui Start button (1) to start the application from the
53+ \o Select the
54+ \inlineimage qtcreator-analyze-start-button.png
55+ (\gui Start) button to start the application from the
5456 QML Profiler.
56- \image qtcreator-qml-performance-monitor-toolbar.png "QML Profiler toolbar"
5858 \note If data collection does not start automatically, select the
59- \gui {Enable Profiling} button (3).
59+ \inlineimage qtcreator-analyzer-button.png
60+ (\gui {Enable Profiling}) button.
6162 \endlist
6364 When you start analyzing an application, the application is launched, and
6465 the QML Profiler immediately begins to collect data. This is indicated by
65- the time running in the \gui Elapsed field (4).
66+ the time running in the \gui Elapsed field.
67- Data is collected until you select the \gui Stop button (2). Data collection
68+ Data is collected until you select the
69+ \inlineimage qtcreator-debug-button-stop.png
70+ (\gui Stop) button. Data collection
6871 takes time, and therefore, there might be a delay
6972 before the data is displayed.
@@ -73,7 +76,7 @@
7376 The application continues to run for some seconds, after which it is stopped
7477 automatically. If you exit the application, the data is not sent.
76- Select the \gui {Disable Profiling} button (3) to disable the automatic
79+ Select the \gui {Disable Profiling} button to disable the automatic
7780 start of the data collection when an
7881 application is launched. Data collection starts when you select the button
7982 again.