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Quake to Delphi Total Conversion
Author: Jim Valavanis
E-Mail: jimmyvalavanis@yahoo.gr
Site  : http://www.geocities.com/jimmyvalavanis/applications/delphiquake.html

Special thanks to http://www.sibvrv.com/ for many fixes.

This is free software. 
You can freely use and copy this software when you have done the following:

  a) Do not modify the software
  b) Do not make it for profit
  c) Do not modify this file

Following the "Doom to Delphi Total Conversion", "Quake to Delphi Total Conversion" is the
translation of the original C - source of the Game Quake to Delphi.

This Application is a WIN32 port of the famous Quake game created by ID Software.

Version 1.0.33 - (30/1/2008) 
Stable version of DelphiQuake based on fixed by http://www.sibvrv.com/.

Version 0.1 - (22/1/2006) 
First public release.

Version 0.01 - (21/11/2005)
Finished Quake to Delphi initial Conversion.

Version 0.0 - (3/11/2005)
Started Quake to Delphi initial Conversion.

Windows operating system with DirectX 7.0 and OpenGL support.
Minimum Pentium,  32 MB RAM. 
For optimum performance a faster prossessor and AGP graphics adapter.