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nine: コミット一覧

Rev. 日時 作者
r74 2010-08-13 07:14:17 mshio

separate the function of reading tokens

r73 2010-08-08 15:27:22 mshio

fix a bug that be occurred when describing if-else statement (or do-while statement).

r72 2010-08-08 12:57:01 mshio

alter logic of auto-indent. buggy

r71 2010-08-07 20:40:36 mshio

test version of auto-indent in java-mode

r70 2010-08-07 16:35:26 mshio

update files that are forgotten to be committed...

r69 2010-08-07 10:09:48 mshio

brush up the logic of calling the javascript functions

r68 2010-07-24 19:56:11 mshio

add the function of auto-indent in the java-mode

r67 2009-10-31 11:44:34 mshio

update makefile

r66 2009-10-31 11:38:42 mshio

made the app use same document object and view object even if its editor kit was changed, but the properties-mode has not been managed sufficiently yet.

r65 2009-10-12 15:23:50 mshio

change how to manage the minibuffer object and API to get it.

r64 2009-10-09 07:29:31 mshio

add test implementation of enabling to change location of the divider when splitting windows

r63 2009-10-08 23:47:24 mshio

update modules forgotton commiting previously

r62 2009-10-06 23:44:21 mshio

change logging process

r61 2009-10-05 04:22:05 mshio

fix a bug about inputting in the minibuffer on Windows by removing process of changing look and feel

r60 2009-10-04 22:10:58 mshio

fix a bug about save-buffer-kill-nine action, change quitting process a little, and so on

r59 2009-09-29 07:06:49 mshio

change how to layout windows (testing)

r58 2009-09-22 21:12:33 mshio

change Logger instance the application uses

r57 2009-09-22 20:34:07 mshio

change the annotation class of NineMinibufferAction for a prompt label key, and add test implementation of switch buffer popup menu

r56 2009-09-12 06:12:03 mshio

add test implementation of append-to-buffer and insert-buffer

r55 2009-09-09 23:36:46 mshio

add test implementation to control IME for Windows, and to support JDK 1.6

r54 2009-09-08 23:17:07 mshio

add new view object forgotten at previous commit. and fix a bug about caret displaying when you move it on some control chars

r53 2009-09-08 23:11:25 mshio

test implementation of displaying control characters using C-q, and rename AbortAction to KeyboardQuitAction

r52 2009-09-02 21:31:34 mshio

fix a bug (about displaying message when search is failed in zap-to-char) and add test implementation of quoted-insert (but cannot display control characters)

r51 2009-09-01 23:42:38 mshio

add another MessageBundle files and update makefile

r50 2009-09-01 23:13:06 mshio

add MessageBundle.properties forgotton at previous commit

r49 2009-09-01 23:08:02 mshio

test of changing structure of minibuffer action

r48 2009-08-21 06:33:15 mshio

- enable tree toggle with space key when dired mode
- coloring multi line comment is made right action when xml mode
- add some comment

r47 2009-08-18 05:12:20 mshio

add methods for undo to send begin groups and end groups, and make some codes clean up a little.

r46 2009-08-15 12:15:58 mshio

clean up some codes

r45 2009-08-13 23:31:51 mshio

rename objects that show the suggestion menu in minibuffer and enable to show the menu when doing 'execute-extended-command'