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Liberal Crime Squad 日本語版

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See LINUX_README.txt. Contains useful information for building on all platforms.

Windows easy mode compilation
Easiest way is using the workspaces provided in the 'workspaces' folder. Project files are provided for:

 * VisualStudio 

 * Code::Blocks

 Files to include in Windows distributions of Liberal Crime Squad

 * The LCS executable: on Windows this is "crimesquad.exe" in either
   "workspaces\Debug" for a debug build or "workspaces\Release" for a release
   build.  Of course you should compile a new executable from the latest code.

 * The curses library: on Windows this is "pdcurses.dll".

 * If it was compiled with SDL for music, also include SDL2.dll and SDL2_mixer.dll.
   You might or might not need these SDL dll files depending on how it was compiled.

 * If you are using SDL for music and want to have support for Ogg Vorbis, also add
   libogg-0.dll, libvorbis-0.dll, and libvorbisfile-3.dll. Otherwise it will fall
   back to playing MIDI music instead of Ogg Vorbis. You don't need those 3 files if
   you are using MIDI and not Ogg Vorbis music, though. And you don't need them if
   you aren't using music at all, either. You just need them if you want to use Ogg
   Vorbis music with the game.

 * The "art" directory and all the files in it, with an exception regarding music:
   You can leave out either the "midi" subdirectory or the "ogg" subdirectory, or
   even leave out both. If you want to listen to Ogg Vorbis music which is higher
   quality but takes up more disk space, you can leave out the "midi" subdirectory.
   If you want to listen to MIDI music which is lower quality but takes up much
   less disk space, you can leave out the "ogg" subdirectory. If you either compiled
   the game without music support or you don't want music, you can leave out both
   the "ogg" and "midi" directories.

 * The "init.txt" configuration file.

 * The "CrimeSquadManual.txt" documentation file from the "docs" directory.