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kumagusu (1.05)2012-08-09 00:18


deletion of entire memo/note.2021-03-17 04:25
V1.19 kumagusu. i have had a VERY worrying thing happen just a few days ago. i am still evaluating kumagusu (actually...tarshi
allow drop out of search at current point.2019-08-09 12:33
I would like to have the ability in Kumagusu to be able during a search to select an option to drop out of the search...tarshi
publish info on Kumagusu2019-05-05 23:40
Could you please publish some info on Kumagusu, I would like to see info like limitations of the app eg 1. What is th...tarshi
glitch in search 2019-05-05 22:36
V1.19 kumagusu . Search results DO NOT display any finds if they are in Folder names. This started happening w v1.17,...tarshi
UTF-16LEで暗号化しているメモが開けません。2017-01-08 01:27