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3c8a652e4bd1 2021-01-14 09:18:09 halcon74 tip update pm-utils related files; new ebuild pm-utils-1.4.4
4d966e72e1fb 2021-01-12 01:28:10 halcon74 pm-utils: auto-generating ChangeLog
8d48c912a529 2021-01-11 10:14:31 halcon74 README: fix grammar
59092fb0d2d1 2021-01-11 09:00:23 halcon74 power.d/hal-cd-polling, power.d/journal-commit and power....
11695ae83340 2021-01-11 08:45:22 halcon74 sleep.d/49bluetooth and sleep.d/55NetworkManager are removed
7d435c33638d 2021-01-11 08:25:25 halcon74 pm-quirks included in pm-utils
57697115a794 2021-01-11 06:14:57 halcon74 update README
dd3247ec4d68 2021-01-11 06:12:28 halcon74 remove pm-utils 1.4.2/3 ebuilds
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1071e79fe276 2021-01-11 06:09:58 halcon74 remove pm-utils files directory


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v0.1.0 babbc3293c2b 2020-09-20 08:49:12 halcon74
v0.1.1 a8abd8ae1b28 2020-09-21 05:24:37 halcon74
v0.1.2 74af93f6d15d 2020-09-21 06:07:08 halcon74
tip 3c8a652e4bd1 2021-01-14 09:18:09 halcon74


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default 3c8a652e4bd1 2021-01-14 09:18:09 halcon74 update pm-utils related fil...
unstable 124ddc7ecc08 2020-09-24 09:47:55 halcon74 a commit in unstable branch #2


A very EXPERIMENTAL overlay for my own use and testing/learning purposes.

Use it (with caution), if you want to. If you find a bug, please feel free to report it.


  • app-misc/Hello_World - Test program that I've written for learning purposes. It just prints 'Hello World!' to STDOUT.
  • app-misc/worker - Version bump, relatively to the (obsolete!) current 3.8.3 in ::gentoo (20.12.2020). The ebuild is significantly re-made.
  • app-portage/g-cpan - So far for testing/learning purposes only.
  • app-text/evince - Building evince without gvfs and dbus. And it works!
  • dev-perl/Mojolicious - "Really live" ebuild. Each new stable (not development) release gets installed automatically without the need to edit the ebuild.
  • dev-vcs/hg-git - Version bump, relatively to the current 0.9.0_rc1 in ::gentoo (19.09.2020). Supports mercurial-5.5.1.
  • media-gfx/xnviewmp-bin - Attempt to build XnViewMP with system libraries. So far unsuccessful...
  • sys-power/pm-utils - New version, from my fork. Re-made ebuild. Included all the patches present in ::gentoo before last-riting in January 2021, non-specific Debian patches and a patch from c2p-overlay. Included all the additional files from Gentoo/Debian (the same). Deleted obsolete files which were being removed by Gentoo ebuild / Debian rules. Included pm-quirks. Fixed Gentoo bugs 666380, 579912, 549848, 489650, 443530, 703026 and Debian bugs 485443, 659260.
  • x11-misc/drm_master_util - Non-root Xorg without elogind (for Linux kernels <5.8).

How to add the overlay:

  • using Mercurial, from OSDN (possible with Portage >=3.0.8)

eselect repository add halcon-overlay mercurial https://hg.osdn.net/view/halcon-overlay/code
echo "sync-mercurial-pull-extra-opts = -b default" >> /etc/portage/repos.conf/eselect-repo.conf (if you don't do that, you may get unstable branch)
emerge --sync halcon-overlay (this requires dev-vcs/mercurial to be installed)

  • using Git, from GitHub

eselect repository add halcon-overlay git https://github.com/halcon74/halcon-overlay.git
emerge --sync halcon-overlay

I push the commits (via hg-git) simultaneously to:

  • Mercurial repository on OSDN - https://osdn.net/projects/halcon-overlay/scm/hg/code/tree/tip/
  • Git repository on GitHub - https://github.com/halcon74/halcon-overlay

Gentoo Quality Assurance:

  • /var/db/repos/halcon-overlay # repoman -dx full

RepoMan scours the neighborhood...
RepoMan sez: "If everyone were like you, I'd be out of business!"

  • /var/db/repos/halcon-overlay # pkgcheck scan

PotentialStable: version 3.34.2: slot(0), stabled arches: [ amd64, x86 ], potentials: [ ~alpha, ~arm, ~arm64, ~ia64, ~ppc, ~ppc64, ~sparc ]