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jasmine: レポジトリ概要

The source repository about simple p2p messenger, which can be run on various systems.

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This document is written about what this software is, the warnings, and how to build.

What this software?
This software will provide very very simple P2P messenger.

Please don't build and/or use this version unless you have knowledge about computer; It could do unsafe behavior because it is still under development.

How to build:
Before building, please read warnings section million times.

If your PC's os is Linux, you can build very easily:
1:cd to where this software is.
2:mkdir build
3:cmake ..&&make

Install target has not been implemented yet. In order to install, please be patient while I implement this.

Otherwise, esp. on windows, you should use qmake because it is not a console softwawre:
1:cd to where this software is.
2:mkdir build
3:qmake ../jasmine.pro

If you found bugs, please contact me (However, I'll answer simply while this software becomes stable version !):