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2013-12-12 21:07 (by green_12512)

I'm moving software projects portal to github, because github is much easier than sourceforge.jp. So, if the website has been moved, the website in here will be a redirect page.


2013-08-07 22:05 (by green_12512)

Hi, I created VDM++ Syntax for Kate.
VDM++ is a one of Formal Methods. It looks like Programming language (But, not programming language. It is similar to UML.), and it is not mathematics looks.
However, There is a few editors supporting (続きを読む...)


2013-01-25 14:26 (by green_12512)

My gnupg secret key has been lost for my mistake. I'm re-generating new one, so please wait a while.
The old key will be expired on 13, Jan. 2013.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience.

*) Renewing key has finished.


2012-12-22 11:24 (by green_12512)

As you know, project website has been replaced with Ajax-Based website.
Therefore, when you open the website, turn on javascript.


2012-10-07 18:14 (by green_12512)

Sorry, My gpg key has been revoked because I forgot the permanent RSA key. Please wait while I refresh my new key.

*) The key is now refreshed.


2012-10-04 16:27 (by green_12512)

My gpg signatures has been revoked for some reasons. Please wait a minute while I generate new GPG keys/signatures. This process will takes some hours or a day.

*) GPG key is now refreshed.


2012-03-25 13:15 (by green_12512)

The source code of hash maker has been moved to gitorious.
Therefore, the source code package is no longer available. You can now use git.


2012-03-02 15:23 (by green_12512)

I announced the repository of Web and Simple Serializer has been moved previously. This is the same case of that.

The junk repository has been moved to gitorious. for details see this .


2012-02-25 17:09 (by green_12512)

There are no longer source code repository of this project website in sourceforge.jp. Instead of this inconvenience, the source code is in gitorious->here.
If you are cloning the source code, please re-clone.


2011-12-10 11:07 (by green_12512)

Now Simple Serializer is in gitorous
I'm sorry for this inconvenience.
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