DTX2WAV Release Notes

Release010 (2018/3/1)

  • Initial version in public.
  • Added overwrite check. (You can configure whether you want to check it or not)

Release009 (2018/2/27)

  • Drag and Drop support. You can D&D DTX file into the text input area.

Release008 (2018/2/25)

  • English support. Japanese UI will be shown on the Japanese locale settings. In other locales, English UI will be shown.

Release 007 (2018/2/22)

  • Added OS-standard-icons in some dialogs.
  • Added encoder settings. (only bitrate settings for ogg and mp3)
  • Yet Another window resize support
  • Yet Another tab order settings

Release 006 (2018/2/15)

  • Fixed not to raise GPF in case you cancel the recording before loading song data.
  • Fixed to handle exceptions in case DTX2WAV failed launchin DTXMania.

Release 005 (2018/2/12)

  • Added "warn and exit" feature in case DTXMania is already running at launching DTX2WAV.
  • Added feature not to launch multiple DTX2WAVs at the same time.
  • Fixed not to playback NOWLOADING sound.
  • Removed fadeout to go playing screen from NOWLOADING screen. (It reduces wait-time(1sec) to start recording)
  • Hided wailing-chip and wailing effect.
  • Adjused position of finished-recording dialog.
  • Added function to output ogg/mp3.
  • Changed dropdownstyle of output-audio-format to dropdownlist (to set it read-only)
  • Disabled monitor-feature (fixed to ON)
  • Changed the range of master volume: 0-200%. (You can also set the master volume of DTXMania to 200% ... but only for WASAPI/ASIO)
  • Disabled resizing of recording dialog.

Release 004 (2018/2/8)

  • Added dialog to show "Canceled recording", when you canceled recording.
  • Moved progress text to under the progress bar.

Release 003 (2018/2/7)

  • Added cancel feature.
  • Added progress bar.

Release 002 (2018/1/24)

  • Added part-volume-settings. You can change the volume balance of each part (Drums, BGM,...) individually.
  • Added save-restore configurations.

Release 001 (2018/1/21)

  • Initial version for insider. DTX2WAV provides simple DTX->WAV conversion feature.