Config.ini description (DTXMania setting file)

Some settings cannot do in CONFIGURATION menu, but can by editing Config.ini directry. Such kind of settigns are decribed here.

Please edit the Config.ini file with notepad etc, after terminating DTXMania.

From Rel105, Config.ini was done away... in place of Config.ini, Config.xml is used. So this site's information is invalid for Rel105 and later.

  • Initial value is indicated by \[...\].
Major item Sub item Condition (DTXMania version etc) ChoiceDescription
SystemDTXPath----The paths where the dtx data is stored. Multiple paths can be specified by separating them with a semicolon (;). (Ex: d:\DTXFiles1\; e:\DTXFiles2\)
DoubleClickFullScreen -- 0, [1] Whether you want to move to full screen when you double-click the window (0: do not switch, 1: switch to fullscrenn)
EnableSystemMenu -- 0, [1] Whether DTXMania accepts the input ALT+SPACE or not to show System menu (0: suppress 1: not suppress). Please set this to 0 if you tend to violate ALT+SPACE while playing.
BackSleep -- 0, [1], 2, ... The value of wait time(ms) for each screen drawing when the window focus is NOT set to DTXMania. If you set a larger value, it may improve capturing/encoding performance for AUTO playback video.
SleepTimePerFrame -- [-1], 0, 1, ... The value of wait time(ms) for each screen drawing when "focusing" to the DTXMania window. If you set a larger value, the performance of capturing/encoding/istributing your own playing screen may be improved.
The difference between -1 and 0 is as follows. When -1 is specified, CPU processing is not explicitly handed over to other applications when drawing of every frame is completed. However, if you specify 0, there is a difference that once you pass CPU processing to another application (but processing may go back to DTXMania immediately as well). If you specify 1 or more, it will move the processing to another application and wait at least for the specified time(ms) without doing anything.
SelectListFontName -- [MS PGothic] etc Specify the font name of the music selection list.
SelectListFontSize -- [20] etc Specify the song selection list size (px).
SelectListFontItalic -- [0], 1 Set whether the music list's font is italic of not. When it is 1, it becomes italic.
SelectListFontBold -- 0, [1] Set whether the music list's font is bold or not When set to 1, it becomes bold.
PolyphonicSounds -Rel095 1, 2, 3, [4], ..., 8 For each lane (such as drum / guitar / bass etc.), you can set the maximum number to playback the same chip sound simultaneously. BGM / SE lanes are also affected by this setting.
PolyphonicSounds Rel096- 1, 2, 3, [4], ..., 8 For each lane on the drum, set the maximum number of simultaneous sounds (= maximum number of simultaneous sounds) to superimpose the same chip sound. The maximum polyphony of the guitar&bass is 2 or 1 (1 when Polyphonic .. is 1, 2 otherwise). BGM / SE is always 1, regardless of this setting.
-- -99, .., [0], ..., 99 Set the value (px) to shift the judgement line from the default position....but currently this feature can only be set and does not actually work.
--  [0], ..., 127 Sets the each minimum input velocities when playing by the electronic drum. (DTXMania ignores input if the velocity is weaker than the value set here). The minimum velocities are set for each lanes separately. For example, LCVelocityMin sets the minimum input velocity of LC, and HHVelocityMin sets the minimum input velocity of HiHat (both Open and Close).
Please change this setting when you pick up the input of another pad as vibration. The initial value is only HHVelocityMin 20, all others are 0.
HitRange Perfect, Great, Good, Poor -- Default values are 34, 67, 84, 117 Set time accuracy of judgment such as Perfect. For example, if Perfect = 34, the timing within +-34ms from the just timing is handled as Perfect.
By increasing this value, judgment can be relaxed.
However, if you participate in IR (Internet Ranking events), you may not participate it unless you set this value to the default setting. (You can forcibly change these settings on the package side (box.def) of DTX data, but I think that its function is rarely used, so that the feature information was insufficient.