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CrystalDiskInfo (8.17.14)2023-01-21 19:11


Disk Label order2022-12-18 10:16
Started with version CrystalDiskinfo CrystalDiskInfo8_17_12 or earlier, Incorrect order of drives listed: D drive (HD...(未割り当て)
info corrupt2022-11-30 06:10
With version crystalinfo 8.17.5 the info of my Samsung SSD T7 shield is OK all newer versions have a corrupt info ...(未割り当て)
choose SMART attributes to log2022-11-10 13:38
The possibility to choose SMART attributes to log the raw value because some usefull attributes the raw value is not ...(未割り当て)
Difference in attributes of manufacturer application and CrystalDiskInfo for Sandisk Extreme Pro2022-07-03 07:40
I'm not sure if it is real bug. In attached screenshot is comparison of manufacturers latest application Dashboard an...(未割り当て)
Wrong endurance values for Micron SSD2022-07-03 07:24
Similar issue of counting read/written GB as for previously reported SanDisk. Micron uses F1 & F2 to store disk u...(未割り当て)