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Bytom-JS-SDK: レポジトリ概要

It is a project for Bytom Chrome extension JS SDK https://bytom.github.io/Bytom-JS-SDK

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npm version


bash npm install bytom-js-sdk


```javascript let net = { main: "http://main-net-host/", test: "http://test-net-host/" }; let bytom = new Bytom(net, chrome.runtime.getURL("main.wasm"));

//set Bytom net type (main test), default main net. bytom.setNetType('test'); console.log(bytom.getNetType());

//create key bytom.sdk.keys.create("test_alias", "123456").then((res)=>{ console.log(res) }).catch(error => { console.log(error) }); ```

WebAssembly build

Project depends on WebAssembly. \ See Bytom-WebAssembly.