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Bytom-Dapp-Demo: レポジトリ概要

A simple deposit and profit bytom dapp demo

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What is this?

A simple deposit and profit bytom dapp demo, Bytom-Chrome-Extension needed before it can be used.


  • Install Node.js version 8 and the latest available npm@6.
  • Install dependencies: npm install.

Buffer Server

Before run all the project, you may need to set up you own bufferserver. Configure the proxy rules under the webpack.config.js.

Deploy Contract

Currently we are manually deploy the contract using the equity compiler tool, and configure the control program constants accordingly.

Contract configuration

Network and smart contract control program's constants configurations are stored under the contracts/configure.json.js file. You may edit the configure after an new control program is launched.

Dapp logic

Under the ./src/components/util/submitContract.js, you will see the basic and reusable logic, for developing a Dapp. Including the following steps: - list utxo from buffer server - create the custom contract transaction - lock utxo - call window.bytom.send_advanced_transaction to create the advanced Transaction - update balance if success.

Input and Output Object


The first Input object must be spend utxo action, utxo will be selected according to the amount matches.

The second Spend Wallet Action, maybe needed if there is a exchanged.

input.push(spendWalletAction(amount, GetContractArgs().assetDeposited))


Since the contract type and logic are different, building the unlock action may be different.

if amountDeposited < billAmount {
      lock amountDeposited of assetDeposited with FixedLimitProfit(billAsset, totalAmountBill, totalAmountCapital, expireBlockHeight, additionalBlockHeight, banker, bankerKey)
      lock amountDeposited of billAsset with saver
      lock billAmount-amountDeposited of billAsset with FixedLimitCollect(assetDeposited, totalAmountBill, totalAmountCapital, dueBlockHeight, expireBlockHeight, additionalBlockHeight, banker, bankerKey)
    } else {
      lock amountDeposited of assetDeposited with FixedLimitProfit(billAsset, totalAmountBill, totalAmountCapital, expireBlockHeight, additionalBlockHeight, banker, bankerKey)
      lock billAmount of billAsset with saver

Will need to be converted into

 if(amount < billAmount){
          output.push(controlProgramAction(amount, GetContractArgs().assetDeposited, GetContractArgs().profitProgram))
          output.push(controlAddressAction(amount, billAsset, address))
          output.push(controlProgramAction((BigNumber(billAmount).minus(BigNumber(amount))).toNumber(), billAsset, GetContractArgs().depositProgram))
          output.push(controlProgramAction(amount, GetContractArgs().assetDeposited, GetContractArgs().profitProgram))
          output.push(controlAddressAction(billAmount, billAsset, address))

Run the Project

Make sure the contracts are compiled, built the correct input output object and bufferserver is running.

Start the Webpack dev server.

npm start

Your server should now be running at

Building the Project

npm run build