Version 0.6.1
2012-01-21 21:41 (by toshinagata1964)

Version 0.6.1 を公開しました。

クオンタイズを実装。(Events メニュー)
グラフィックウィンドウで、ライン形状とオペレーションモード (set/add...) のポップアップボタンを常に有効にした。
イベントをシフトするコマンドを実装。(Events メニュー)
"Detele selected time" がトラックにイベントが無いときクラッシュしていたので修正。

Quantize is implemented (Events menu)
The line shape and operation mode popup buttons are always enabled in the graphic window.
The preference format is changed. (Some settings may be lost, sorry...)
Shift selected events command is implemented.
Inserting/deleting tracks was not reflected in the MIDI playing. Fixed.
Editing the strip chart is now possible in the rectangle selection mode.
The metronome setting window was not working correctly. Fixed. The click/bell tone rings when editing tone settings.
Crash in "delete selected time" was fixed when a track includes no events.
Solo track capability is implemented.
The Pause button was not highlighted correctly. Fixed.

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